Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Blogger!

I've been on hiatus, but I am committed to getting back into the swing of blogging... I am so inspired by what I see on the plethora of blogs that I follow, that I have to get busy!

Here are a few projects that I did this Christmas season...

1. Pillowcases. I decided that our nieces and nephews get a ton of toys already every Christmas, so I got crazy and decided to make pillowcases with each of their names appliqued on them... I used wonder under and my Cricut Expression to cut the fabric into letters, ironed them on, and did a simple zig zag stitch around all the letters... They definitely got better as I went along!

2. Button Monograms. My mother in law had given me a quart size mason jar full of her mother's buttons, as I am the only one in the family who sews. I felt that they were too beautiful not to be shared, so I made 5 of these bad boys, including the one I made for us. Initially, I had every intention of making them into pillows, but I felt like the framed art was a better way to preserve Grandmier's memory. I don't care if I ever have to sew another button again, that's for sure!

That's all for this post! I promise to be back soon!