Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo Wall!

Well, we survived move in weekend and are pretty much unpacked! I thought I'd go ahead and jump right in with my first DIY project...

We are what we like to call a "professional aunt and uncle." Don't get me wrong, we want kids one day, but right now is just NOT the time for us... We are still young! We have six nieces and a nephew, and they all love to come to "Aunt B and Big Gosh's" house. We wanted a way to feature them all without worrying that we got everyone.

I bought seven matching 8x10 frames with 5x7 mats in them on sale 50% off (Michaels? Hobby Lobby? I can't remember...). I used sticker letters from the scrapbooking section of Michaels and spelled out the first and middle name of each one of the little stinkers...

We are the proud owners of a shiny Canon 50D, so we utilized it in taking pictures of all the kids... a regular point in shoot would obviously do the trick, as well. I like that these are snapshots of their faces, not posed professional pictures... It's so easy to lose kids' personalities in professional pictures. We uploaded the pics to Walgreens and cropped them, and in an hour, they were ready to pick up!

In case you were wondering, Elizabeth was born in March, and these frames have been packed up since then... I promise she'll have a picture soon!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I wanted to write a quick update... We are 9 days out from closing on our pretty new house! SO excited to get in there and start decorating! We traveled to my home town for an early Mothers Day celebration, because guess what?! The hubby had to coach last night... That's right, Spring Football in Texas is upon us! Several people have asked me if I went to the scrimmage, and I'm sorry to say that no, I did not go. I was at home packing up the things we wouldn't need for next week and a half. Mom and Granny both loved their gifts... Success! I have a bunch of projects planned for the house, so stay tuned for an ambush of tutorials!